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Full service

Seismo team have several employs skilled professionals.
Seismo has an extensive network of specialty production facilities to support it and thus we can provide a full service to our customers. Over the years, Seismo has been trained in how to produce high quality services and products from China to the rest of the world. We are also proud to that these services are available, including to our future partners.

Sourcing and product development:

Any product innovation must be supported by excellence and and efficiency in the products development and sourcing process. We offer our customers for the sourcing services for manufacturers and product development through reliable channels.

Cost control:

Develop cost-effective of your products for design, marketing, and development purposes, we offer a reliable and true cost-saving service to build effective representation of your products in the right cost of the development process.


We provide creative and developmental design service for all your packaging needs. Recycling design- We provide professional transformation design for recycling packaging.


We offer reliable and professional production from our extensive production network. Including possible technical support.  

Quality control:

We offer professional and competent quality control locally.


We offer all services related to logistics and transportation, as well as interim storage.
Product customizing for production- We also offer the best possible modification proposal for the products, if necessary.  

SEISMO Packaging Boxes Design Solution

Step 01

Understand Customer Needs

Understand what customers hope to achieve through this packaging design.

Step 02


Design proposal by sketch, determine the design style and structural form and CMF.

Step 03

3D Modeling

Assess structural feasibility and define precise detail dimensions.

Step 04


Make effect picture to simulate the real effect of packaging.

Step 05

Engineering Drawing Making

Make die cut drawing and printing file for mass production.

Step 06

Sample Making & Mass Production

After client’s confirmation on design ,then start sample & mass production.